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Welcome to is something other than an interior design organization, we’re an accumulation of execution specialists and designers with a mutual reasoning of underscoring the basic and the sensitive. We control structures and mixes from our regular world to make a stylish, down to earth, and practical environment that changes a straightforward space into a position of bliss for you and your visitors.

Although the company is 2021 year established ; our team has a lot of experience in executing Interior Projects gathered through working in profession at few of the Top notch interior firms, our powerhouse group of specialists are prepared to convey their skill to your home or office, explicitly custom fitted to meet your requirements.

With, no detail is close to nothing, and no activity is too enormous.

We believe in cultivating long-lasting relationships. Your satisfaction is our success.

Interior Design

Interior Designs and Execution Doesn't Have to Be Expensive or Complicated! It Should Be Smart & User Friendly


Completed Projects

We have completed various projects

Ranging from completing 1RK  to 3 BHK Penthouses , Completing Turnkey Bungalow Projects.

We also serve Home improvement services such as Internal Painting, Custom Furniture, Modular Kitchens Customised Sofas, Mattresses, All types of Curtains and many more.

You name the requirement and we do it be it mere fixing a leakage to Turkey execution interiors.

Reach out for more details.

Every Space Count
Every Space Count

Why Choose Us

Project Management

Your satisfaction is our priority. We work in close collaboration with you, taking care to listen and respond to your needs. We even assign you your own project manager to oversee fit-out and furnish.


Working with Top interior MNCs our founders have realized, that Companies are charging exorbitant prices to end-user. Where we come into picture utlising that skill set to provide the same experience at a better cost.


Our designers have the skill to define the best creative solutions for your interiors. But our creativity doesn’t stop there. Our whole team has the problem-solving ability to overcome challenges and keep your project on track..​


We believe in Transperent approach to interior industry , Let it be material cost , design cost . We like to be fair and square with our clients.

We love what we do

We love what we do, and we want to help you do the same. We’re passionate about creating you a space that helps energise your staff and allows your whole organisation to work to its full potential.


To guide you to the right decisions, we’re open in our approach. We’ll explain all the options, so you understand exactly what you’re buying and why, and how much it will cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whats the Quotation for 1,2,3BHK?

Quotation widely depends upon selection of material quality, processes , flat size, quantum of work, automations selected , Package type selected

Well dont worry give us a call and we will understand your requirements and then only will be able to quote properly.


If you lack the professional and technical expertise to carry out the mammoth task of designing your abode, we recommend you opt for designer services. It will help you:

  • Prevent costly mistakes: Your designer will be aware of high quality products that fit your budget and there are no hidden costs that sneak up in the last minute. It also adds value to your home!
  • Save time: Getting interiors through several different people can be stressful, tiring and time-consuming. A designer will work efficiently to ensure everything finishes on time, thereby creating a hassle-free experience for you.
  • Get quality assurance: Since interior designers know how to pick the right products and services, your home will certainly have the edge in terms of quality!

What is the cost of Hiring a interior Designer ?

If you think that designers usually take a lump sum amount for a design, that’s not always the case. The interior design price list is computed in different ways.

  • Per Sqft: Based on the area of the home, the designer charges around ₹10 per sqft and this can go upto ₹100 as well, if you’re looking for design alone. However, inclusive of products, carpentry i.e, modular kitchen and wardrobes, flooring and ceiling, this price can shoot upto ₹2,000 – 3,000 too. It is better to check with the designer on what it includes as some of them only offer woodwork or some exclude soft furnishings like curtains, blinds and so on.
  • Percentage of Overall Cost: The designer calculates the overall price of the project inclusive of products and services. Based on the total cost, they will charge around 6%-15% as a design fee. This can shoot upto 20% based on the level of design and expertise involved.
  • Markup on Products: In layman terms, this means the designer will charge a premium on every product you buy. Eg: If your sofa’s cost price is around ₹20,000, the designer may mark it as ₹22,000 while charging it to the project. The premium varies from project to project.
  • A Lump Sum: This is purely based on the designer’s discretion on how much they want to charge for a project. It can be based on a percentage, commission, per sqft or a combination of two or more categories. In many cases, the designers call this a fee and there is no transparency on what basis this is charged.

What is Interior Design and Should You Invest in it?

Getting home interiors done professionally may seem intimidating to some. However, the truth is far from it! Professional interior designing can actually makes things a lot easier for you. It saves money, adds an expert touch to get personalised interior solutions and also increases the value of your home. Also, let’s face it, you’ll get a home that will be the envy of your friends.


For functional and smart spaces: Interior designers study your lifestyle and build spaces that are specific to you. They think about your comfort and maximum space utility as well.

  • For a bit of personality: An interior designer goes the extra mile to figure out your preferences and builds interiors that reflect your personality. Light or dark colours? Modern or Contemprary ? Your home helps define you.
  • They know the market well: When it comes to materials, textures and space-saving tricks, interior designers are your go-to people. They know what works best for your home based on your lifestyle.
  • To transform even stubborn corners: Is your house too dark? Or is it too large and filled with empty space? Interior designers have been thoroughly trained to visually alter even the most challenging of spaces.
  • It increases the value of your home: If you’re looking to rent out your place, a furnished home or a semi-furnished home holds a lot more value. They will equip you with furniture that can stand wear-and-tear.
  • It’s not as intimidating as you think: People believe getting an interior designer involved is an expensive task. But the truth is, an interior designer works for you and builds interiors based on your budget.

How to prepare for your first design consultation?


Floorplan: You can get your home’s floor plan from your builder, architect or the apartment’s website. Carry it in a digital format to help the interior designer visualize your home better. If you do not have the floor plan, approximate room-wise dimensions should be sufficient for now.

Budget: It’s a good idea to decide a ballpark budget beforehand. That said, meet your designer with an open mind. As an expert, she/he can guide you about the expected expenses for all the products and services you need. Moreover, today several brands offer competitive financing options.

Scope of work: Which brings us to the next important part—deciding what all you need. Don’t worry, even a general idea is good to get started. You can think about which rooms you want to design, specific elements that you like, furniture and storage requirements and more.

Your preferences: Although not essential, if you an idea about the materials, themes and colours you like, write them down or save pictures to illustrate. This, along with everything else, will help your designer create a good starting concept.

Additional Inputs: Apart from the above, there’s much more that you can tell your designer to help them design better. Do you need Vastu or Feng Shui compliance? Do you expect the designs to be pet friendly? State your requirements upfront for best results.

Enthusiasm: Last but not the least, bring a lot of enthusiasm. While this may seem like a mammoth of a task, designing your home can actually be fun. Especially when you have the right professionals by your side.